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Black Keys Chicken Poster

Print I got for Christmas framed and up #blackkeys #cock #posteroast http://t.co/KAhlP5Sk

Near my current work

The Black Swan (#5 Film 2011)

The Black Swan was tense. Tense and mental.

Hobo with a Shotgun

I wish I could take credit for this poster but I can only hope to design something as good as this.

The King’s Speech (#2 Film 2011)

Scott Pillgrim Vs The World

I was lucky enough to get to see Scott Pillgrim Vs The World on Thursday night with a Q&A from the director Edgar Wright. It was a nice change from the usual Cineworld and as it was sponsored by Grolsh came with a free beer! (and cheese).


Goto http://www.littlewhitelies.co.uk and apply for the next night as it is well worth it.

Blood Brothers

I went:

Blood Brothers.

I had an image of from the show, but it was taken down… and the image below left. Thanks.

and had some:

A Single Man (#12 2010)

The Crazies (#11 2010)

Up in the Air (#8 2010)

So I decided seeing as I have the unlimited cinema that I should try to see all 10 best picture nominated Oscar films. So far I’ve only seen Avatar, Inglorious Basterds (may watch again) and now Up in the Air. I will decide what I think is best at the end. Not that it matters.

Up in the Air poster

Youth In Revolt (#7 2010)

I was worried that the trailers before this all looked really soppy, but although this was bordering on the soppy it had enough of an edge and humour about it. It had Michael Cera from Super Bad pretty much playing the same character as before so you know what to expect really, until his character begins to revolt…

Iain Lee Shindiggery Poster

A poster I did for Iain Lee’s Shindiggery show: