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Google’s First TV Advert: Google Chrome

So Google have now released their first TV advert. The advert is for web browser Google Chrome as a way to catch up to Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.


I don’t believe that this will help them catch up as it isn’t clear enough as to what it actually is. 

Also the music is similar to the iPhone/iPod Touch ads, which I have noticed cropping up in a number of different ads now. I find that a bit irritating, I really didn’t like the iPhone ads. Although I guess it worked on my eventually!

I use Google Chrome, and I really like it. It gives you more screen size and is just nice to use. I think that Google should have focused on the good parts and made it more clear as to what it is, instead of making it seem like a game of blocks.

Let me know what you think of the ad.


Google Voice Search app on iPhone review

One part of the Google app you can get for the iPhone is the Google voice search. The main part of the app, other than to link you to all of Google’s programs is to search for things using your voice! You probably got that from Google Voice Search.

It looks great one their tutorial videos and could be great, but me being from London it doesn’t like my accent, or any one elses that I’ve asked if it’s worked. The only time it has was when a really awkward American accent was put on, and only then we only achieved one word. I downloaded an update that says it has improved the search for English accent and Australian. I hope for the Australians it has worked as it hasn’t for English.

The one thing about it I quite like is that it uses the accelerometer to know when you are lifting the phone to your head to say a search. Maybe try it out for that.

Even though it doesn’t really work for me, it would be interesting to see if it works for Americans and if they actually use it, instead of typing in their search. For now, and probably even if/when it does work I will probably just use the keyboard and search in the safari browser anyways.

Google Street View on iPhone maps

On my way home from Portsmouth I was using the maps on my iPhone when all of a student I pressed something by mistake then from no where whatever street I clicked on.

I managed to find out how to do it on purpose, and not just by mistake. If you drop a pin to pick a precise spot on the map then it comes up with the name of where that spot it. To the left of that name is an icon of a yellow faceless man. Once you click that you are now in street view!

If you are like me you will have saved some places in your contacts or bookmarks, which is handy as you can just have a look at you’re old house or school from the  front on your phone and not just see if the roof still has your old ball on top.

With the touch screen on the iPhone, I really think that the 360 images work really well. It flows a lot better and the images on the phone make it look a lot better as well. So if you like and are not against the streey view then have a look. I believe it works a whole lot better than the Google Eart app.


I stopped using Google Friend Connect

After my blog before saying how I would have a weeks test of Google Friend Connect I felt I should let people know that I got rid of it in the end. This post is just to give a quick reason why.

The main reason for not using it any longer was due to it not looking that great on the page. As I meantioned in the last post about it, my site is for my design work and I would like it to look clean and presentable. The Google Friend Connect bar does not look clean and presentable and instead looks clunky and definately doesn’t blend in as I had hoped.

Another reason I stopped using it and I think the main reason is that; at the moment is that it is a new technology and no one is really using it. If it picks up and it looks more pleasing on the eye I may return to it. I guess by not using it probably doesn’t help the cause.

If I want people to talk about my site on the actual site I’ll make a guest book or link it to a facebook group. They don’t need to do it on the actual home page.

Perhaps if Google added it to their own home page, maybe it would pick up a bit. Until then I don’t see it catching on.


Google Friend Connect Review (So Far)

I have decided to give Google’s new toy out. I believe it is their attempt at quietly getting a share of the social marketing. What I have done is add the Google Friend connect bar to my website (HERE). It looks similar to the Facebook chat bar at the bottom of the page, but bigger and more obtrusive which is a negative already. As my site is to showcase my design work a quite big Google bar takes away from my site I believe. 


It is used so that people can become a member of a site and make comments on what you see and interactive with each other about the site, share your views and possiblty meet people with the same interests as you. At the moment as a new technology I don’t know anyone that is using it, and I am the only member of my site… that’s my excuse anyway. 

I have decided to use Google Chrome now as it’s nice and feels like you can see more of a page compared to IE and even Firefox, which I went off of. But comparing the Google Friend Connect on Chrome and on Firefox it seems more stable and solid on Firefox as on Chrome it interupts with Youtube videos and flickers a bit on occasions. I thought that was a bit strange.

As I joined up to use it to give it a go and test it on other sites too, I have been a bit disappointed in not finding it on of the sites that I use. This could be because 1) they don’t know about it, 2) I don’t go enough sites that could see a use for it, 3) sites have tried it and see no point in it as it just allows you’re site to recieve abuse that other users of the Friend Connect can see and maybe even join in on. 

I decided that I would try it for a week on my site. At the moment I think that after the week has ended I will remove it, because it just makes my site look messy, no one else uses it and I have no members to my site and that will hurt my pride!

If you want to see Google’s sneaky attempt at becoming a Social Networking player without having to make a site to draw us in then you can join up by seeing the bar like on my site or goto http://www.google.com/friendconnect/ to add it to your own page.