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Sexy Cider

Bought my mate some sexy cider

Zombie Illustration


I did some illustrations a while ago and thought i’d give one away as a desktop background. I have it in:

1440×900 tinyurl.com/d9t29t

1280×845 http://tinyurl.com/c5dm7x

If you like it and want it in another size, let me know and I will add it here.

100 Gilmore Road

I have now uploaded 100 Gilmore Road, my experimental short film. It went up 31st October, Halloween. A coincidence, but a good one. This is the trailer, to see the whole film goto my site, and view it under the mulitmedia section http://www.davidgarlick.com


What this is about

This blog will be used to show my research for my final major project, which will eventually be something which I display at an end of year show at Brick Lane. The title of the show is currently indecline.

I will use this for research, development and sometimes just to remind myself as to what I am doing or need to be doing.