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Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones at Isle Of Wight

Rolling Stones at Isle Of Wight

Image I took at Isle of Wight festival 2007 of the Rolling Stones, with some added magic…

Gordon Brown

This is the start of something, maybe not worth putting up yet but hey. I like to blog now you see..


100 Gilmore Road

I have now uploaded 100 Gilmore Road, my experimental short film. It went up 31st October, Halloween. A coincidence, but a good one. This is the trailer, to see the whole film goto my site, and view it under the mulitmedia section http://www.davidgarlick.com


What this is about

This blog will be used to show my research for my final major project, which will eventually be something which I display at an end of year show at Brick Lane. The title of the show is currently indecline.

I will use this for research, development and sometimes just to remind myself as to what I am doing or need to be doing.