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Google Voice Search app on iPhone review

One part of the Google app you can get for the iPhone is the Google voice search. The main part of the app, other than to link you to all of Google’s programs is to search for things using your voice! You probably got that from Google Voice Search.

It looks great one their tutorial videos and could be great, but me being from London it doesn’t like my accent, or any one elses that I’ve asked if it’s worked. The only time it has was when a really awkward American accent was put on, and only then we only achieved one word. I downloaded an update that says it has improved the search for English accent and Australian. I hope for the Australians it has worked as it hasn’t for English.

The one thing about it I quite like is that it uses the accelerometer to know when you are lifting the phone to your head to say a search. Maybe try it out for that.

Even though it doesn’t really work for me, it would be interesting to see if it works for Americans and if they actually use it, instead of typing in their search. For now, and probably even if/when it does work I will probably just use the keyboard and search in the safari browser anyways.

Google Street View on iPhone maps

On my way home from Portsmouth I was using the maps on my iPhone when all of a student I pressed something by mistake then from no where whatever street I clicked on.

I managed to find out how to do it on purpose, and not just by mistake. If you drop a pin to pick a precise spot on the map then it comes up with the name of where that spot it. To the left of that name is an icon of a yellow faceless man. Once you click that you are now in street view!

If you are like me you will have saved some places in your contacts or bookmarks, which is handy as you can just have a look at you’re old house or school from the ¬†front on your phone and not just see if the roof still has your old ball on top.

With the touch screen on the iPhone, I really think that the 360 images work really well. It flows a lot better and the images on the phone make it look a lot better as well. So if you like and are not against the streey view then have a look. I believe it works a whole lot better than the Google Eart app.


PhotoSwap app for iPhone

One app I have for my iPhone that is strangely addictive is PhotoSwap.

How does it work?

Well basically, you take a picture of something with your iPhone, and then you send it. Once sent it sends to a random person anywhere around the world that is also using Photoswap at the time. Then you recieve a picture for a stranger who has also taken a picture. You can choose to reply to a message with another image or you can just send another image to another random person.

There is no ability to chat or have a voice conversation, it really is as simple as the name of the app says. PhotoSwap. It’s free and is strangely addictive once you have a go.

Beware though as you can expect with anything their are always the odd pervert taking advantage of it (I am not one of them, I promise!)

Here are a few random pics that I recieved that I thought I’d show you.