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Films I watched in 2010

My favourite ones released last year (the list has ones I watched not just released) included:

The Road
The Social Network
Worlds Greatest Dad

Spirited Away (#1 2010)
Franklyn (#2 2010)
Avatar (#3 2010)
The Book of Eli (#4 2010)
Daybreakers (#5 2010)
The Road (#6 2010)
Youth In Revolt (#7 2010)
Up in the Air (#8 2010)
District 9 (#9 2010)
Hurt Locker (#10 2010)
The Crazies (#11 2010)
A Single Man (#12 2010)
Alice In Wonderland 3D (#13 2010)
Crazy Heart (#14 2010)
Shutter Island (#15 2010)
Kick Ass (#16 2010)
Clash of the Titans 3D (#17 2010)
I Love You Philip Morris (#18 2010)
The Ghost (#19 2010)
Repo Men (#20 2010)
About A Boy (#21 2010)
Cemetery Junction (#22 2010)
Iron Man (#23 2010)
Hot Tub Time Machine (#24 2010)
Four Lions (#25 2010)
Dumbo (#26 2010)
Zombieland (#27 2010)
Moon (#28 2010)
Robin Hood (#29 2010)
Watchmen (#30 2010)
The Killer Inside Me (#31 2010)
Greenberg (#32 2010)
Whatever Works (#33 2010)
Shrek Forever After 3D (#34 2010)
Prince of Persia (#35 2010)
Predators (#36 2010)
The Exorcist (#37 2010)
Inception (#38 2010)
Toy Story 3 3D (#39 2010)
Gainsbourg (Vie héroïque) (#40 2010)
Splice (#41 2010)
Scott Pillgrim Vs The World (#42 2010)
The Last Aitbender (#43 2010)
The Last Exorcism (#44 2010)
Piranha 3D (#45 2010)
Worlds Greatest Dad (#46 2010)
Jackass Number 2 (#47 2010)
Where The Wild Things Are (#48 2010)
Buried (#49 2010)
Jonah Hex (#50 2010)
Get Him to the Greek (#51 2010)
The Runaways (#52 2010)
Grown Ups (#53 2010)
Please Give (#54 2010)
The Social Network (#55 2010)
Jackass 3D (#56 2010)
Batman Begins (#57 2010)
The Incredibles (#58 2010)
Megamind 3D (#59 2010)
Fantastic Mr Fox (#60 2010)

Eels at Brixton Academy

Considering growing a beard like E’s so maybe I can join the band.

Isle of Wight 2010: Paul McCartney

Back from Isle of Wight Festival yesterday. Great weekend with some great bands. Here’s a few of my photos of Paul McCartney!!! Will put more up soon.


Zombieland (#27 2010) *Film Night*

So this was the first official film of the film night drawn at random the choices were (and still are until we finish):

Mine – Moon
Heathers – Zombieland
Lee –  Drag Me To Hell
Lucy – Step Brothers
Jamie – Pans Labrynth
Jonny – Burn After Reading

So the first choice went to Heather with Zombieland

Fast and funny from the start with one of my favourite actors Woody Harrelson and a great cameo from Bill Murray.

Hot Tub Time Machine (#24 2010)

I went into this with low expectations and it exceeded them! That’s not saying much as I went in with really low expectations but then it was quite funny and worth seeing it with the unlimited cinema – maybe not if you don’t have the unlimited.


A Single Man (#12 2010)

The Crazies (#11 2010)

Hurt Locker (#10 2010)

District 9 (#9 2010)

By coincidence the 9th film I’ve watched this year is District 9.  A different take to an alien film than you may be used to, which is also set in Africa so not the typical American or another world setting you now expect to find in any alien films.

It starts of as a document

Distric 9 poster

New Year 2010 – watching more films so…. #1 – Spirited Away

This year I am going to try to watch more films, maybe go to the cinema more, do more stuff etc etc Anyway, I will be using this blog to remember the films I have watched and also so I can post images from them as I renewed my sites hosting which gave me a lot more space more than I needed/wanted for a lot more than I wanted to pay!

I now have PlayTV for the PS3 and find myself going through everyday of the week for every channel making sure i don’t miss any of the good shows or films, so now I have accumulated quite a collection of (so far unwatched) series and films. The first film from the list I watched was Spirited Away. I hope to get through some more this weekend.

It reminded me of a modern Wizard of Oz – the lost girl trying to get home, the feel of a different world of its own and the surreal characters helping her along with her journey to get back to the real world with her parents turned back from pigs.

Really creative character designs and animation by Hayao Miyazaki that I think I’ve heard called the Japanese Walt Disney before. I also managed to record Castle in the Sky by him which I had on video when I was a kid. Maybe I will add that to the 2010 list soon.