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Doha, Qatar


Munich Airport

In Munich again. I’ve only gone from the airport to my hotel so far but these models where from the hotel. I look forward to seeing what else munich has to offer.


Lagos, Nigeria

From Sunday night to Tuesday morning I was in Nigeria working. I was in a hotel for most of the time so didn’t get to see much but it was an interesting trip.


First time travelling abroad alone and somehow I managed to get there, do the work and return. I’m going back at the end of the month and hopefully I’ll have a bit more time to look around properly.

Coca Cola Bottles

Spotted while on holiday in Turkey.

Dogs in Kenya

Wildebeest “fighting”

[vimeo 18093420 w=500 h=375]

Two Wildebeest “fighting” – I filmed when I was in Kenya in October

Giraffe in Kenya

My giraffe pic from from Kenya.

Girls on a boat – Kenya

Another photo I took in Kenya on the Indian Ocean. More of my photos can be found here