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Tin Man (SyFy mini series)

I’ve just finished watching Tin Man, a mini series made by SyFy. The series is split over 3 1 and half hour episodes, all of which drag and have quite a few irritations involved with them. I watched in on BluRay and struggled through each episodes waiting for them to finish. I didn’t manage a marathon of them that’s for sure. It’s a “re imagining” of the Wizard of Oz but did they really have the to call it the Outer Zone to call it the O.Z. That’s O-Zee. Really irritating.

The world it’s set was pretty bland, and story confusing as it kept trying to link back to the Wizard of Oz when it didn’t need to. The actually title character Tin Man is called a tin man because he is an ex cop, and that’s what they’re called in the O.Z… Instead of trying to link back I think they should have concentrated on their own story more exciting and made the world more imaginative instead of being held back by week links to the old story.

Some of the positives from it. I liked the small horror bits with the witch that added a bit of excitement, but they were too few and far between to forget the irritating parts and blandness of the show.

One last thing – even the series title annoyed me.

Channel 5 show good kids animation shocker

Flicking between channels in the morning I noticed Channel 5 early morning kids show ‘Milkshake’ which shows different kids animations. Obviously it isn’t aimed at me, but I was impressed at the different styles of animation they had. From a Bert and Ernie claymation show, a cartoon network style of animation sketch show for Mr.Men and although I haven’t been up early enough to watch it I used to watch it as a kid myself… Fireman Sam. There was others with interesting animations but these are the ones I remembered and was most impressed with. So having a quick look at Youtube here is some examples of good animation:

Mr. Men-

Bert and Ernie’s Great Adventures-

Fireman Sam (classic opening with lyrics!)-

Cartoons of Influence

King of the Hill

King Of The Hill
The style of drawing is recognisable and tries keep it more realistic that others such as family guy. The jokes and humour is real, and shows a way of life that may really happen in Texas. I feel my work could use some real life situations, but perhaps add some surreal and over the top humour.

Garfield strip

Garfield is an influence as it is so simple, at is most minimal a 3 box cartoon strip, and now it has evolved into 2 massive cgi films. The basic drawings sometimes are reused with small changes to the actual characters and just the speech bubbles being changed, so very quick too.