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Metronomy at Barfly

Metronomy at Barfly

Metronomy Badges

Metronomy badges

Record Store Day

Queue to get into Rough Trade on Record Store Day

Chef’s Treat

Treated myself a couple Sundays back

Sexy Cider

Bought my mate some sexy cider

Giant Coke Zero

Large can of coke zero

London Aquarium


Jelly Fish

Blue Lobster?

Are some lobsters blue or was it the lighting? (went to the aquarium today)

Exeter Hotel in Bournemouth

The greatest painting ever? From the Exeter Hotel in Bournemouth

Real life Photoshop

Real life photoshop – I can’t take credit for this. Forwarded to me by another designer in work.

Hobo with a Shotgun

I wish I could take credit for this poster but I can only hope to design something as good as this.


Messing about with Photoshop iphone app.

South Bank Reflection

Lunch time walk along the South Bank

Britsh Music Experience @ O2


Christmas Kinder

Christmas Kinder AKA breakfast

LCD Soundsytem – Coronet

LCD Soundystem at Coronet, Elephant Castle.

Hot Chip were also there.

Lewisham People’s Day 2011

Kinda Egg Men

I would have bought one if I wasn’t at the airport going to Kenya.

If Found

Kinder Egg People

Ooh the fun we have at work

Where The Wild Things Are

Dino Glasses