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Brainkind Animation

What started as an illustration is slowly developing in to a little animation. Here’s a small part of it..

Reading Festival Sunday 2010

[vimeo vimeo.com/14608779]

This video was made from random videos and photos I took while at Reading Festival on Sunday. It is also my first try with iMovie on the iPhone and was created on the train on the way to work and back home after. While not a masterpiece it does show that given the right footage you can film AND edit on the go.

Will add some other Reading Festival bits later.

Check it on Vimeo here for HD: http://www.vimeo.com/14608779

BFI Mediatheque

On a walk at lunch I decided to go in the BFI on the off chance that they had some spare Larry David talk tickets, they never (it got cancelled due to the ash cloud) but I decided to go into the Mediatheque for the first time.

BFI Southbank’s Mediatheque is the place to explore the BFI National Archive, for free.

I watched a short apocolyptic animation from 1956 called A Short Vision by Joan Foldes and Peter Foldes. I took a few images, you should have a look if you get time as there’s a whole range of bits from BFIs library. I took some of the details from their site about using it at the bottom.

Mediatheque entrance

Using the BFI Mediatheque is easy – turn up on the day or book a viewing session in advance. Check in at the desk inside the mediatheque and then log on to a viewing station. Proof of age may be required, as only age-appropriate material is made available to younger users.

Opening times
Tuesday – Sunday: 12:00 – 20:00
Not open Monday (except Bank Holidays).
Bank holidays: 12:00 – 20:00

Book in advance: 020 7928 3535
Education and community groups Tue mornings. For group bookings call 020 7849 4451


Iain Lee Shindiggery Poster

A poster I did for Iain Lee’s Shindiggery show:


Google Voice Search app on iPhone review

One part of the Google app you can get for the iPhone is the Google voice search. The main part of the app, other than to link you to all of Google’s programs is to search for things using your voice! You probably got that from Google Voice Search.

It looks great one their tutorial videos and could be great, but me being from London it doesn’t like my accent, or any one elses that I’ve asked if it’s worked. The only time it has was when a really awkward American accent was put on, and only then we only achieved one word. I downloaded an update that says it has improved the search for English accent and Australian. I hope for the Australians it has worked as it hasn’t for English.

The one thing about it I quite like is that it uses the accelerometer to know when you are lifting the phone to your head to say a search. Maybe try it out for that.

Even though it doesn’t really work for me, it would be interesting to see if it works for Americans and if they actually use it, instead of typing in their search. For now, and probably even if/when it does work I will probably just use the keyboard and search in the safari browser anyways.

Keane 3D and Super Furry Animals Webcast webcast

I have been noticing that whilst I was thinking up ideas for my final for uni I looked into how to make whatever it was I eventually 3D. Whilst it never happened I still have an interest in 3D and hope to one day use it in my work. Why it has cone back into my head now is down to Keane.

Keane are a band everyone loves to hate. I personally don’t mind them, I don’t own any of their albums and won’t be queing up to get tickets to see them, I don’t mind them. I even saw then at a festival, I say saw but I barely saw then due to incredibly bad hayfever that madevmy eyes water the whole through and apparently my head swelled up but that’s a different story. Even after this, they’re alright. Although reading recently them calling themselves the new Pink Floyd is laughable, atleast wait until you’ve sold one of the top 3 best selling albums ever!

What they have done is become the first hand ever to do a live webcast. Not the 3D that these 3 legends; U2, The Jonas Brothers and Myley Cyrus have used with the goggles and a big cinema screen. Keane have done proper 3D with the red and blue glasses! So perhaps they aren’t the new Pink Floyd but instead they are even better! Ok maybe not, but atleast it’s something a bit different and fun.

Comparing this to another recently webcast I saw, which was the Super Furty Animals play their new album for the first time of say Keane’s webcast was better, not because of the music, but because you could actually see what was going on (JUST! as it was also dark) whereas the Furrys seemed to be in a garage. As Keanes was so dark you could only just see tiny bits of 3D, maybe next time lets turn the lights on and see if it really works in 3D. ¬†Maybe someone can put me in the direction of a well lit bands webcast for a proper comparison. Visually Keane win but musically you’ve got to to for SFA.

This was written on my iPhone, I will check back soon incase of any mistakes. Damn iPhone keyboard/auto corrector!


Can the iPhone 3G replace “regular” desktop/laptop Internet use?

I have no Internet for a week. Heather has taken our 3G Internet stick with her to Devon. I say no Internet, but I mean the evening as during the day I can use my house mates net, but evening I have no net.

I am now asking myself can I use the iPhone to replace using the Internet on my laptop.

I realised now that even though I have TV, books and films that like alot of people my main source of entertainment is the internet. So I’m going to see for a week (in the evenings) if I can last with just my iPhone and other stuff my laptop with Internet makes me forget about.

Well I have just quickly been on elbo.ws, which has peoples music blogs and allows me to listen to tracks they maybe talking about. I just click it and it plays. I don’t need the internetmy iPhone allows me to read blogs and even hear music just like a pc could.

I then found a piece through Twitter on the guardian website, which I discussed on a forum. They didn’t believe what I was saying on there (that a new iPhone may be out in summer and that o2 may lose their exclusive iPhone deal). I want to prove them wrong and add that link to my reply, but I can’t just copy and paste the link and I’m not going to type it out, so I will just have to wait until tomorrow to use my laptop with the proper Internet. I know that with the 3.0 operating system it will include copy and paste, but I want to share my link now! Luckily I don’t want to MMS anyone now as well… Although I probaby won’t even when that day comes. Atleast I can go on Twitter, read tweets, post tweets and everything on between. I use the free app TwitterFon, something my laptop can’t use! (because it’s not a phone…)

Atleast I don’t have to wait to blog about not having the internet as I’m using that wordpress app I posted about before and it is still doing a good job, and I’m plugged into the mains so I shouldn’t lose all I’ve written, because the rubbish battery died. Although after typing that I decided to save it just incase as you never know.

News, I can keep upto date with news still nice and easy. I have a TV and that has news a lot if the time and if I really wanted news then I even have freeview with BBC and Sky news. I have yet to watch either of those channels today and probably won’t as the iPhone again has kept me occupied with it’s nicely set out pages for the iPhone; BBC and Guardian web pages.

Now I’ve begun to write this I should really consider going a whole week without the actual internet and see if it’s possible to just use the iPhone and no internet on my laptop. Hmm but the Guardian link means I have to atleast go on it once. Then there is email attachments and sending my CV for jobs; can it handle that? Can I really search through reams if jobs on an iPhone when sometimes in my laptop the list after lists are a pain to scroll through? There’s a few things just there that may mean I cannot go without proper Internet.

I didn’t post this before, but this year I decided I won’t just watch TV for the sake if it, I won’t just watch whatever mind numbing rubbish that was put on anymore (after Celebrity Big Brother of course!) why would I need to watch a lot of what ITV2 put out or even ITV1 for that matter? I have DVDs, I have books, I had the Internet! With the Internet I could watch 4 on demand and download shows for later or the do the same with BBC’s iPlayer (you can on the iPhone with wifi not 3G, which I am using) so now I don’t it turns out that I have the DVDs and I have the books, but really I don’t actually watch Or read them much because of the net. So maybe it’s time to catch up on some reading and try to complete the 12 books in 12 months (that I didn’t manage to do last year) and maybe it’s time to watch my films, series and tv shows I’ve bought on DVD.

I think now I should sleep as I can hear birds tweeting. That reminds me twitter! No I shall not sleep, I mean tweet. I should sleep and continue this tomorrow. But maybe I should finish it on my laptop so I can easily go back and read what I’ve put and check how incoherent and see how many words then auto correction hadn’t auto corrected for me? I will sleep on it anyways.

It’s now the evening of the night after I last posted. I have been on the internet an logged into wordpress to cheat a bit and check this and found that I saving it through the app on the phone means that it is just saved on the phone so no changing it on the laptop. So for this blog atleast it’s all been written touh screen. Also I managed to copy and paste the link on my laptop, instead of getting pen and paper involved to writ it down for the phone.

So this is the start of a few days of mini tests to see how my evenings go without laptop Internet. I will try to attach my CV to an email through my phone later and post more tomorrow to see if the iPhone can replace desktop/laptop Internet completly (if it needed to)

(This is all typed on the iphone so I hope it all reads well after a look through. As of the scrolling and lack of screen size fingers crossed it’s ok!)

If you have just found this through my blog check out for more of my work

Fisherman Pete

A retro kids animation done by my friend Garion, he says it’s inspired by the work of the late Oliver Postgate. Have a look!

Rolling Stones

Rolling Stones at Isle Of Wight

Rolling Stones at Isle Of Wight

Image I took at Isle of Wight festival 2007 of the Rolling Stones, with some added magic…


All I did for this video was the censorship, but I thought it was funny still.


Gordon Brown

This is the start of something, maybe not worth putting up yet but hey. I like to blog now you see..


100 Gilmore Road

I have now uploaded 100 Gilmore Road, my experimental short film. It went up 31st October, Halloween. A coincidence, but a good one. This is the trailer, to see the whole film goto my site, and view it under the mulitmedia section http://www.davidgarlick.com


Fuzz Experiment

Had a video which didn’t convert right a few times. Thought it looked interesting so kept them and added some music to it. Only had limited music on pc. Will probably go back to it at somepoint. I will probably use this blog to put stuff up that isn’t really being used for anything…


Doesn’t show as well on youtube but there we go.