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Vampire Weekend at Somerset House

I managed to see Vampire Weekend’s free gig at Somerset House on Thursday. I say see them, more like heard them and saw the lead singers head and watched pillars on the balcony appear to play Vampire Weekend’s music. Still they sounded really good and it was something different freezing outside, instead of sweating in a small venue.

It was supposed to start at 5.30 and I finish work at 5.30, luckily I only work 10 minutes down the road and made it with time to stand around and wait, which was nice. When they did start I’m not sure if I was tapping my feet more to the music or just to get the feeling back into them from the coldness.

Even though there wasn’t much to see due to them be up on a balcony I still took so pics. Here’s a few of them and maybe I’ll add a video later.



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