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PhotoSwap app for iPhone

One app I have for my iPhone that is strangely addictive is PhotoSwap.

How does it work?

Well basically, you take a picture of something with your iPhone, and then you send it. Once sent it sends to a random person anywhere around the world that is also using Photoswap at the time. Then you recieve a picture for a stranger who has also taken a picture. You can choose to reply to a message with another image or you can just send another image to another random person.

There is no ability to chat or have a voice conversation, it really is as simple as the name of the app says. PhotoSwap. It’s free and is strangely addictive once you have a go.

Beware though as you can expect with anything their are always the odd pervert taking advantage of it (I am not one of them, I promise!)

Here are a few random pics that I recieved that I thought I’d show you.

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