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I stopped using Google Friend Connect

After my blog before saying how I would have a weeks test of Google Friend Connect I felt I should let people know that I got rid of it in the end. This post is just to give a quick reason why.

The main reason for not using it any longer was due to it not looking that great on the page. As I meantioned in the last post about it, my site is for my design work and I would like it to look clean and presentable. The Google Friend Connect bar does not look clean and presentable and instead looks clunky and definately doesn’t blend in as I had hoped.

Another reason I stopped using it and I think the main reason is that; at the moment is that it is a new technology and no one is really using it. If it picks up and it looks more pleasing on the eye I may return to it. I guess by not using it probably doesn’t help the cause.

If I want people to talk about my site on the actual site I’ll make a guest book or link it to a facebook group. They don’t need to do it on the actual home page.

Perhaps if Google added it to their own home page, maybe it would pick up a bit. Until then I don’t see it catching on.


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