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Political Cartoons

I began to think that I may create some poltical cartoons for my final major project. Back in year one I did to some success and enjoyed doing it. One example being this:

Political cartoon

I wanted to do some like these about what was going on in the world or interesting me in the news, but using flash and other means to animate some and also make it interactive. I would have liked to have done this and perhapos sent it to newspapers in hope that they would be used on one of their websites as everyone wants interactivty nowadays.

I thought about this after looking at other political cartoons in papers and on the net and realised that whatever I create by the time of the show my cartoons may be dated so have decided not to continue this ideas.

Here are a few political cartoons by others I enjoyed:

Arcadio Esquivel 

 Rainer Hachfeld

Iain Green

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