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60/365 It Came From The Sky


Day 38/365 2013 The Shard


Photo a day for 2013


Up on my Flickr I’ve been taking a photo a day for 2013. Currently 23 days in and already you can probably tell I didn’t do anything interesting on the day, but I will try to keep it up for the year.



Brainkind Animation

What started as an illustration is slowly developing in to a little animation. Here’s a small part of it..

Doha, Qatar


Doha at Night

I’m in Doha at the mo for work.

#disco #lights #home

Queue for The Beatles in Lewisham


Police control a queue for Beatles tickets in Lewisham, East London, on a wet day in November 1963. Almost as many teenage boys as girls were hoping to see them in the flesh at the Odeon Cinema two weeks later.

Black Keys Chicken Poster

Print I got for Christmas framed and up #blackkeys #cock #posteroast http://t.co/KAhlP5Sk